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Stories Of Change

Executive Coaching
Julia Parvin, G2, UK
Head of Shopper Marketing Strategy

Working with Zeynep literally changed my life - or rather enabled me to do so. I had been stuck in a rut for many years. Wanting change, needing change but paralysed by fear, lack of confidence and an undefined view of a better place to be. Through our sessions I was forced to come face-to-face with myself and encountered many surprising revalations - sometimes painful - but was able to reach some important truths, recognise what I needed to do and find the courage to then do it. Our sessions were always conducted with a lightness of touch that made me feel safe and unselfconscious so I could peel away the layers that needed to be shed.

I was able to change job, move country, relocate my family and find a new role that suits my skills and work/life balance. Thank you Zeynep for helping me find my new path.
Group Coaching
Başak Vural, Pricewaterhouse Coopers
IAS - Assistant Manager

I have been working at Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) for 5 years and this 12-session group coaching has been the most striking, useful and fun experience I had at PwC.

Group was like a small model of everyday life and mirrored me myself while helping me gain more self-awareness. Within the short period of 6 months, I witnessed the change it created in my work environment. It is a very effective learning method. And its effects continue long after the group... I can see the positive impact this group experience had on my professional and personal life even after 1.5 years.
Patika Gestalt Group Work
Hasan Çalışkan, AVEA Marketing

For me, the essence of the Gestalt Group Work was the concept of 'Here and Now'. 'Here and Now' scale can be painful at times but definitely serves justice. On this scale, there is no place for interpretations. There is only a place for what one member experiences and perceives as reality. We rarely think about what we evoke in others or how we perceive others. But in Zeynep's group work, we openly told each other and listened to each other. When we moved away from the 'here and now', we maneuvered back to the field very masterfully, without even realizing. And our awareness grew. Thank you Zeynep!

With Zeynep's Patika Gestalt Group Work, I gained the liberty to express myself more openly, clearly and fearlessly. I get the feedback of this work’s positive impact on my professional and personal life from my colleagues and close ones. I would like to repeat it and I highly recommend it.
Patika Gestalt Group Work
Betül Sulamacı

In Patika, the subject of my thoughts changed from 'we' to 'me'. When I let go of the comfort of defining myself as a 'we', I started taking more risks and facing myself. It was very hard. It took time for me to get used to it and integrate it to my life. Now I can't look at it any other way.

I learned to stay in the moment and experience myself in the moment with awareness. I am facing myself every moment now. It is an incredible and challenging meeting but has become an important compass for me to create my own life path. And I am very happy with this...

Thank you for helping me create my own pathway (patika) and transform my life from a stroll to an adventure.
Patika Gestalt Group Work
Hakan K., Management Consultant

I was together with a group of 7 people that I never met and probably would have never had the chance to meet for 12 weeks, once every week. In every session that we were together, my concerns were diminishing by opening myself up in a safe environment and sharing my thoughts and feelings very authentically. As I experienced myself and my relationships in a 'lab environment', and started realizing how I feel about my self and my impact on others, I was first very surprised and then relieved to see that many others feel and think the same way.

If you want to discover what you evoke in others and what you have in common with others in a realistic environment, I can tell you that the safe environment of the gestalt group approach is a real and awakening discovery. I recommend for everyone who wants this discovery.
Executive Coaching
Şehnaz Tuğasaygı, Vodafone
Customer Insights & Market Intelligence Senior Manager

Before anything else, I had the chance to meet someone (Zeynep) that I really trust and believe in during this coaching process. My awareness increased about my strengths and my areas of development. I learned the key points of where I can develop. My self-esteem raised. I learned to motivate myself by focusing my attention on my success and what I do well instead of my negative statements. I went through a journey self-learning without being dictated or directed.
Creativity Coaching
Leyla Gediz, Artist

On one of those days when I was bored of my self and my art, I read a mail talking about Creativity Coaching. I responded to this mail with an appointment mixed with curiosity.

My greatest gain from this process was getting to know Zeynep and advancing towards my goals. Before, I had to move mountains to be able say 'congratulations' to myself (creating such major exhibitions in such a short time is an example) But now, I am appreciating myself even when I wash my hair and I am not joking.

By defining success not with 'perfect and grandiose' moments but with ordinary life moments, I can see that I can stay happy and productive for many more years to come.
Patika Gestalt Group Work
Ayşe Yüksel

I never gained more awareness in any other group. Nor did I trust the group so much and revealed myself. I never worked so much with my self before. I call this the miracle of Gestalt!

To stay in the moment was something I always knew and never practiced. I really felt good about practicing it. People were giving each other feedback in the moment. They were able to listen without being defensive; the effort to stay constructive, not to be diminished in ego fights- the group members did a really good job and deserve a celebration!

Instead of creating a pseudo prior agenda, the group worked with what was important for them each week. As group members, we worked with whatever that was important for us and taking this responsibility felt good.

We were all threads of a carpet and a pattern emerged in the end.
Creative Coaching
Esvan Çakmakçı, Digiturk
Head of CRM Department

Coaching was the best thing I did for myself lately! What I really got from my coaching relationship with Zeynep, was courage. And also my level of self-awareness rose. I realized how I stop myself and slow myself down to do the things that I want to do in life. With awareness came the solutions and I started to actualize myself... what a wonderful feeling!

I started writing during this process. I had a blog address, where I only wrote once every 3 months, and I never shared what I wrote with anyone else. After starting coaching, I completed my blog design. I wrote 5 articles in one month and most importantly started sharing my blog with my friends.

Moreover, I realized what I really want from my work environment. During the same time, I had the opportunity to consider a job offer in a healthy way. And I finally decided to change my job. Now I am very happy in my new position.
Transforming Uncertainty into Opportunity
Yüsra Soyak, Ceylan Intercontinental İstanbul
Director of Human Resources

This workshop helped me raise my awareness in my professional environment. I realized how I experience and manage myself in my work environment, with my colleagues. I enjoyed that this was an experiential workshop open to self-exploration.

I realized how my colleagues hear me and gained awareness on the difference between my thoughts, feelings and how others experience me in the work environment. This is a workshop that gave us the opportunity to understand each other and motivated us to want to move together. I thank Zeynep and Belkıs.